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TestiGrip helps cattle producers get the most out of their livestock. It is specifically designed to secure testes during elastrator castration, reducing the risk of undetected retained testicles that can lead to costly market losses. With TestiGrip, cattle producers can be confident that each steer will be properly castrated without missing any testicles. TestiGrip is easy to use and is the perfect solution for busy producers who don’t have time to check every animal after castration. TestiGrip ensures that cattle are properly castrated so producers can get the most out of their livestock. Try TestiGrip today!

The TestiGrip is an invention that helps take the challenge out of restraining cattle for castration. This device enables one person to easily grip the testicles without having to use both hands, leaving the other hand free to use the elastrator. There is a lot of pressure to have speed and accuracy when you have a protective cow wanting her calf back. This device is essential for any farm or ranch where cattle need to be handled for castration. It makes the process easier, quicker, and more efficient.

TestiGrip is an easy and efficient way to castrate a calf. Its unique design offers the versatility of working with either a standing or laying calf, making it suitable for whatever method you prefer. TestiGrip also has the added benefit of being more comfortable for both the operator and the animal due to its ergonomic handle and no-pinch design.

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  • For use on calves 2 weeks and younger.
  • Bring both testes into the scrotum.
  • Apply TestiGrip by sliding the narrow opening on the neck of the scrotum.
  • Place the elastrator tightly against TestiGrip. Pull both testes up through the band. Release the band and remove TestiGrip.

(Only release the band if you have both testes) otherwise, start over.

Canada ⒹJodi Suchoplas 186222
US. PAT D943,8435