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Victor Kernaleguen, DVM


Dr. Kernaleguen's Bio

Pet Peeve: When people say “It can’t be done”

Favourite Animal: Cattle

If I could possess any super power it would be: The ability to read all these women’s minds that I work with. It would make my life a lot easier.

I grew up on a mixed farm, grain, beef and dairy near St. Brieux. Throughout school, I spent my summers working at my Aunt’s mixed animal practice in Stoughton, SK. This is when I found my love for veterinary medicine.

After high school, I entered Agriculture and was accepted into Vet Med at the WCVM. When I completed my DVM, I went to work at my Aunt’s practice for 2 years before I opened my own practice here. The time I spent there at her practice has been foundational for the type of veterinary medicine I look to provide and gave me the mentoring and confidence to go out and do what I do. She taught me that veterinary medicine is ever evolving, and you must evolve with it too to constantly provide quality care to your clients.

Around July 2011, I started working with a well-known and accomplished equine therapist and chiropractor from the local area. I was very interested in her work and what she could do to improve the animals’ comfort and ability. We worked with her for about a year before we got the OK to work on our own. We have treated everything from rabbits to bucking bulls. We continually work with her when she needs our vet assistance. It’s been a great partnership and is something that we’ve found to be a huge asset to our medical repertoire.

Libby Guy

Veterinary Student (2025)

Libby's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Lacey Walker, DVM


Dr. Walker's Bio
Pet Peeve: When people text during a meal or face-face conversation.

Favourite Animal: Dog

If I could possess any super power, it would be: To slow down time.

I began my university career in Saskatoon in the College of Agriculture, Animal Science. After three years I was accepted into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). My husband and I, and our two boys live on a grain farm northeast of Melfort. We have a Great Pyrenees named Shay, a couple horses, and too many barn cats to count!

My interests are music, reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and being at the lake.

Colby Donald

Veterinary Student (2026)

Colby's Bio

Bio coming soon!

Janine Kernaleguen, RVT, VPM

Veterinary Practice Manager | Registered Veterinary Technologist

Janine's Bio

Favourite Animal: As a little girl it was cats, then it became cows when I started 4-H, there was a period of horses around high school, then it became dogs when I got my Bronson … Let’s just say they all hold a special place in my heart!!

Pet Peeve: Things that cause my OCD to flare…

If I could possess any super power, it would be: Action – the ability to accomplish everything I start and need to have done, finished long before it needs to be completed, and still have time to spare for me!

I grew up near Melfort on a mixed farm and have been very active in 4-H clubs and continue to love to give my knowledge back through the SK 4-H beef programs. After going to school at SIAST Kelsey Campus to become a Registered Vet Tech, I worked at two different mixed animal practices and at the WCVM teaching vet students their practical lab skills. In 2015 I was able to complete my Veterinary Practice Management Certificate.


Morgan Williams, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Morgan's Bio

Fav animal: Pandas and Horses

Pet Peeve: When people don’t follow through on tasks

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: Teleportation – I spend a lot of time driving to see people. With family all around Saskatchewan and western Canada, I could visit everyone whenever I had time if I could just teleport to them!

I grew up in and around Regina, Saskatchewan with a heavy interest in animal health and welfare. I first told my mom that I wanted to work in a vet clinic when I was four years old! Growing up in Pilot Butte, I practically lived at the stable. I graduated from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2020 after completing practicums at a mixed animal practice and an equine specialty. I accepted a position at the mixed animal practice in Saskatchewan where I worked for just over a year before moving to Gateway. I love to learn new things to grow my knowledge and help others to do the same! Melfort seemed like the perfect fit to stay close to family and I am very excited to be here with my cat, Shiba Inu, and two-quarter horses that I train and show in my spare time.

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Cassidy Bunyan, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Cassidy's Bio

Favourite Animal: Dogs

Pet Peeve: People reading over my shoulder

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: I would choose to fly, I think it would be really cool and make me more efficient at being on time if I could fly places when I was running late.

My name is Cassidy Bunyan, I am from LeRoy Saskatchewan. I have a twin sister and a younger brother.I have grown up with a love for animals but was unsure about committing to the many years of vet school so when I found an alternative I was thrilled. I am here at gateway because of all of the amazing things I have heard about the staff here and their open promoting of a supportive work environment.


Colleen Hansen, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technologist 

Colleen's Bio

Favourite Animal: Cows

Pet Peeve: People who chew with their mouth open

If I could possess any superpower, it would be?:  The ability to have unlimited energy so I could stay ahead of my kids energy level and get all my to-do lists done!


My life has taken some unexpected turns over the last 10 years and now I am trying to find a new groove for myself and my family so returning to work is something I wanted to try again.


Jacey Bailey

Inventory Manager & Human Resources
Jacey's Bio

Favourite Animal: Horse or Cat

Pet Peeve: When someone asks for advice, but doesn’t listen to/consider it.

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: Speed, That way I could clean my house in half the time and spend more time at the lake and with family! Getting to sunny destinations really fast would definitely be an added bonus!

I love being around people and animals! Nothing is more important than family and
who you surround yourself with, and that includes our fuzzy, fluffy, feathered and scaly companions!

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Chelsea Morin

Finance Officer

Chelsea's Bio

Favourite animal: Kitties

Pet Peeve: When people scrape the bottom of an ice cream bowl a million times to get every last oz of it

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: My super power would be to be able to dose my insulin correctly for everything I eat in a day so I wouldn’t get any high or low blood sugars.

I grew up on a grain farm west of Birch Hills, during highschool I would help my dad in the field any chance I had between volleyball, club volleyball, and basketball. After school I ended up going to work in northern Alberta for 8years running heavy equipment. I then headed back to school at Saskpolytech and got my HR Diploma. Melfort is where I call home now, and find it is close enough to where I grew up that I can still go and help during harvest to get my fix and come back home to my kitties.

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Heather Arsenie

Public Relations & Communications

Heather's Bio

Favourite animal: Horses

Pet Peeve: Humans that chew loudly!

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: If I had a super power, it would have to be a weather controller!! As grain farmers and livestock owners, weather plays such a huge role in the success of each. I would make sure growing seasons were ideal – just the right amount of moisture and sun! Winters would be mild but enough snow for all winter sports and moisture in the spring! The last thing I would need to address is the bug situation! This goes for the livestock and the crops. This would make summers a lot more tolerable in this area!


I was fortunate to grow up in the best rural community of Prince Albert. My childhood was filled with lots of time on the basketball and volleyball court as well as the riding arena. I showed horses initially through the 4-H program then moved into the world of Hunter/Jumpers. After graduating high school, I attended Olds College to obtain my Equine Science Diploma and majored in Equine Business Management. During my time there, I also became an Equestrian Canada Competition Western Coach. Teaching lessons and clinics has allowed me meet and work with the best people and horses on earth! In 2014, I graduated from the BC College of Equine Therapy. This training allowed me to understand the equine athlete at a deeper level.

My husband and I, and our two children live on an acreage northeast of Melfort. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a horse!

I am excited to join the Gateway team in the Marketing and Communications role. I look forward to creating content and events that will help all animals and their owners!

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Grace Forseth

Client Services Representative

Grace's Bio
Favourite Animal: Dogs are my absolute favourite, I don’t really have a favourite breed.

Pet Peeve: Lying is my pet peeve; why not just tell the truth? It’ll set you free.

If I could possess any superpower, it would be?: I wish I could fly high above the clouds like the birds. If I could choose, that would be my superpower.

I am Grace, and I love the beach. My favourite thing to do is to read in my spare time. My kids and dog take up most of it, but I try to get some reading in. Gateway Vet. Services is a new experience for me because now I can get to know both our people and animals. Helping people is my purpose, and listening to others’ stories is a big part of that. Sometimes, a kind word is all it takes. Positivity is key!

Brittany Grona, VT

Client Communications Coordinator

Brittany's Bio

Favourite animal: COWS

Pet Peeve: When people do a job and don’t finish or clean up after themselves

If I could possess any super power, it would be?: To fly whenever and wherever I want!

I graduated from high school in 2013 I went to Sask Polytech right after high school and started to work at Gateway in the summer of 2016. I currently live in Mel fort but am originally from Rose Valley where I used to live on a farm. I love farm life and all animals especially cows! In April of 2017, I got an Australian Shepard puppy named Kora. She keeps me busy with her spunky attitude and energy!

I have always had a passion for animals since I was young and new that I wanted to be in a field with animals and that is where it lead me to become a Vet Tech. I have always been a homebody so moving to Melfort was right for me as I am not too far from my family farm!
One of my goals as a tech is to help as many animals as possible! My favourite part of my job is meeting new people, and I look forward to meeting you!


Head of PR & Marketing

Orchid's Bio

Orchid, otherwise known as Momma, came to us in the summer of 2012 as a stray that was found in a campground. She was pregnant at the time of her arrival, so we decided to keep her and because of her amazing personality and looks – she grew on all of us right away. We were in search of the perfect clinic cat, and she was it! 

Orchid had five beautiful little fuzzy babies born Aug 20 that year. The little hellions terrorized the clinic for a whole eight weeks until they were old enough to move out to their new homes, but the nickname Momma Cat stuck with Orchid ever since. 

She instantly became a star of our practice, always with a boss mentality of running the show and being in charge. She couldn’t care less about dogs in her space, but she gets her nose out of joint when there’s a pretty young female kitty that sticks around longer than a day, thinking they’re trying to take her place. She’s got the perfect mix of easy-going tabby with just enough Siamese and Tortoiseshell to give her some classy sass. She tends to be an avid shopper so we have to keep close tabs on her when she’s out and about. She’s been known to climb to the top of pegboard retail displays to get the first pick of the newest and best catnip toys. She’s also amazing at hide and seek and loves to snoop in cupboards and close herself into drawers when no one is watching. 

In the last two years, Orchid has taken on the role of PR in the clinic voicing all of our radio ads and doing a great job of it! She’s on the local Melfort (105 and 750)and Prince Albert stations (99 and 900), and soon to be heard in Humboldt (102). She’s got all the info for you on seasonal FYIs, deals and upcoming things happening at Gateway. 

She’s been a great asset to the clinic since her arrival!

Coming soon

Sarah Cook

Client Services Representative

Sarah's Bio

Favourite Animal: Cats definitely hold a special place in my heart

Pet Peeve: Being on your phone during a conversation.

If I could possess any superpower, it would be?: A second body. Who wouldn’t love to be in two places at once?

My name is Sarah and I have a love for fitness and nutrition. When I’m not working, I spend as much time as I can outdoors fishing, golfing, and spending time with my dog named Diesel. During the colder months, I find myself working out in the gym or reading books. I began working in customer service, but schedules changed and I started a job at an animal shelter. I found that I enjoyed both jobs equally and Gateway was a perfect opportunity to combine my passion for helping others, and my love for animals.