COVID-19 Response

A message from our team.

As of June, 1 2021, we are happy to have resumed allowing clients within our building since January 2021, however we do ask that you remain in your vehicle when you arrive and call us so that we can let you know when you are safe to enter based on our occupancy.

We still appreciate all pre-orders for pet diets, large animal products, etc so that we can have the items you need ready and set aside for you. Product shortages are an on-going issue, so by calling ahead we can make sure we have what you need or can find a replacement for you.

Payment can be made curbside still if you prefer – please request this when you arrive and call in.

We thank all of our clients for their support and understanding through the many changes we have had to make over the past year.

As of Monday, Dec 7, 2020, we will be resuming curbside service due to the increasing number of local cases. Retail and other sales will still be made by the app, call, text, or online shop with outside/curbside pickup. Please call ahead or order by text/online or register for our online shop to make purchasing easier.

If you require assistance with getting registered online or downloading our app, please call and speak with our Team.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time and understanding of the precautionary changes.

Your Animal Care Team at Gateway Veterinary Services

As of Monday, May 25, 2020, we will be allowing 1 person per appointment into the building. Retail and other sales will still be made over the phone with outside/curbside pickup. Please call ahead or order by text/online so that we can set aside the items for you.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time and understanding of the precautionary changes.

To Our Clients and the Public,

While the world seems to be turning upside and people are panic buying paper products in fear of a worldwide shutdown, we’d like to let you know that, here at Gateway Veterinary Services, we will be continuing to offer services and providing care for the livestock producers and pet owners of the area.

We are considered an essential service by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and therefore will remain open. When other businesses may be required to close their doors in the upcoming weeks, we will remain operational to ensure that the animals and their owners are provided the services that are needed.

However, to do this, we may be required to make small changes to protect the health and welfare of our team, our clients, and the rest of the public. We are following the recommendations of minimizing direct human-to-human contact interactions and have increased our already stringent sanitation and cleaning protocols. Our disinfectant is the veterinary labelled hospital disinfectant used in our local hospitals to control the spread of COVID-19 as well as other pathogens.

We will have to screen the people entering the building, whether they have been outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or other influenza type symptoms. If you have a fever, coughing, difficulty breathing or a shortness of breath, we won’t be able to allow you to enter the building for our safety. We will have to focus on keeping our team safe so that we can keep providing care to those who need it.

We are also able to accommodate parking lot pick up/drop offs and will be organizing a daily in Melfort delivery for any of our clients who are unable to come to the office for medication and diets. If you are unable to leave your home and are interested in taking part in our delivery service, please call or text the office at 306-752-7387 for more information.

We currently use software that allows us to continue to be accessible even if not directly in the office. We have a text capable landline which allows for video and images to be sent, our phone system allows us to make calls as the office offsite and our software programs are accessible from offsite, if by chance we have to move in that direction in the upcoming weeks.

So please do not panic, your animals’ safety and health will also be looked after during this time and we will be here to help. We are doing everything we can to provide a clean and safe experience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Your Animal Health Team at Gateway Veterinary Services

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