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Alternative Therapies

Skeletal (Chiropractic) Adjustments

Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser, Cold Laser, or Low Level Light Therapy is a laser that is non-surgical and non-invasive. The laser cannot be felt or seen. A red laser pointer beam is used so that you know when the laser is on, but the actual healing laser beam cannot be seen. The special wavelength type energizes cells to speed up the process of healing and repair. Sometimes people note that they feel a slight "tingling" sensation over areas of scarring or thickened tissues. 

Laser therapy is used in any case where there might be irritation, inflammation, pain, swelling, surgical incisions, and much more! Documented cases of controlling arthritis, skin issues, tendon/ligament damage, decreasing healing times, speeding up open wound or incision closure, decreasing proud flesh production, pain control and muscle relaxation, body detoxification in organs, and the list goes on!

Therapeutic laser is a great addition to many treatment protocols and may provide extra comfort to your animal during disease or healing. Ask us today about our discounted laser treatment packages! 

Nutrition & Herbal Remedies/Supplements

We use a wide variety of herbal treatments to aid in the prevention and control of disease. A nutraceutical is a great first step in treating many conditions and is gentle on the body. We prefer to use a natural or herbal based treatment first to control certain conditions before a pharmeutical depending on the condition and severity.

EZ Mobility from Omega Alpha at Gateway Vet Services, Melfort, SK 306-752-7387

Omega Alpha produces a large variety of equine and companion animal products used to help with liver, kidney, respiratory, hormonal, digestive, skin, and supplement derived issues. There are cleanses and supplements that can aid in the prevention and control many diseases from heaves to ulcers, anxiety, fly control and hair coat to name a few. We currently stock the most popular and broad spectrum products and can special order as well. 

Leba III is another herbal product we use a lot to control periodontal disease and tartar. It is a proven treatment to dissolve tartar as a preventative and maintenance. It does not heal the tooth related issues. These need to be addressed surgically with a dental cleaning to create a healthy mouth. Leba III the is the toothbrush, toothpaste and floss for their mouths when used as directed!

If you have any questions about products in our clinic, never hesitate to discuss with our staff and they would be glad to assist you, that you understand the importance of the products and their role in your animal's overall health!

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Excellent! Gateway has been nothing less than spectacular at every visit! We appreciate the caring, knowledgeable staff and everything they do for our furry family! Thank you!

Alex & Nikki H.
Melfort, Saskatchewan

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